It all began in 2006.


Mark's Machinery is a small family-owned business owned and operated by Mark, Shelly and Madison Walters.  It began in the corner of Mark's personal woodworking shop.  Having an appreciation for vintage woodworking machinery and an eye for a bargain, Mark would purchase good quality, slightly used machines, refurbish them as necessary and sell them at modest profits to customers that did not need new machines but still needed good ones.  One day one of Mark's customers suggested that he should start selling new machines because there was no place to buy new quality woodworking machines in the area.  

After a little research, Mark realized this might be something worth pursuing and contacted Walter Meier, the parent company of Jet, Powermatic and Wilton, and they agreed to give Mark a chance at this new endeavor.  In May 2006 the new building was up in Muldrow, OK, and Mark's Machinery was open for business with unique business hours.  Mark's primary job was a vocational teacher at the local Technology Center and he would operate the store after 4:00 PM through the week and on Saturdays or any time he was home.  Mark, being a vocational teacher himself, connected with many teachers across Oklahoma and Arkansas as well as other professional craftsman, hobbyist an Industrial customers. Mark's Machinery quickly became the go to place for quality woodworking machinery and accessories.

As the business grew, Mark reinvested the profits back into the business to add more tool lines and more inventory.  After nine years on continued success with Mark's Machinery, it became decision time for Mark.  Am I going to continue working at the best job I ever had, as a Safety Trainer at the local Technology Center or retire and pursue the American dream of owning his own business.  Weighing the pros and cons, with a lot of prayer and perhaps some divine intervention, Mark and Shelley opened the current location at 2210 Towson Ave. in Fort Smith, AR on July 7th, 2015.  It quickly became the favorite store in town for the area's woodworking enthusiast and professionals to find the tools they needed to get the tough jobs done.


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